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Become a Renter by Choice

Are You Ready to Be a Renter By Choice?

What is a “Renter by Choice”, and how do you know if you might be one? For many adults, the ultimate goal is to buy a home at some point and stop renting. After all, home buying is the most practical choice… isn’t it? For many people, ideas about homeownership are beginning to change. Many people are finding that apartment rental is not simply an affordable option on the way to homeownership – they actually prefer renting! Many renters have evolved beyond the concept of renting as a step toward the purchase of a home and are becoming Renters by Choice!

Modern renters have eschewed with the romantic notion of the tidy little yard and the white picket fence – after all, that yard will have to be mown and the fence will need to be painted, and who wants to spend their free time on chores like these? Rather than shelling out big bucks for a yard and home that you need to constantly maintain, many people are opting to rent and allow a property management service to take care of these details instead.

Reserve at Stone Port Luxury Apartments HarrisonburgFurthermore, current lifestyles require amenities that can be expensive and space-consuming for homeowners. Renters realize that buying the extra square footage to include a workout space in a home can be inefficient. Not only does a homeowner have to carefully select and pay for extra space and a limited amount of equipment, but that equipment must be maintained, cleaned, and serviced regularly. The result is a lot of effort and expense for a part of your home that you may only use about 1 hour a day.

Meanwhile, renters can enjoy workout rooms, yoga studios, movie theaters, tennis courts, coffee stations, playgrounds and so much more without the need to buy or maintain anything. The convenience of such amenities in your own community and the ability to enjoy them without effort or upfront expense allow renters to enjoy a lifestyle that would be nearly impossible for most of us to imagine if we were responsible for building and maintaining them ourselves.

Harrisonburg Va Apartments Reserve at Stone Port, many apartment communities include a “clubhouse”, a space where you can entertain family and friends without having a giant space in your own home or apartment. Rather than paying for a formal dining room and a large living room that is often used only for guests (and used very little most of the time), renters can enjoy the luxury of a space that is large enough for family and friends to gather comfortably. Many clubhouses also include a “kitchen” or bar area where you can entertain without messing up your personal space, giving renters the ability to relax and enjoy their guests rather than worrying about cleaning your home or moving furniture to accommodate your company.

Harrisonburg Apartments with open floor planRenters By Choice are typically looking for convenience and a higher quality of living. Modern apartment communities often cater to this type of resident by offering services such as Valet Trash or a Concierge. Not only do you say goodbye to tiresome home maintenance, but you say hello to services a traditional home could never offer! Your Concierge can make reservations for you, suggest places to shop for specific items and help you learn about your community.

Finally, the antiquated notion is that apartments are small and not as accommodating as suburban residential homes. Modern apartment communities cater to renters’ preferences by offering a variety of floor plans, including larger apartments that provide as much space as a traditional home. Renters can choose the amount of space that fits their personal lifestyle without sacrificing location, rather than being forced to choose a specific neighborhood based on the size of the home they want.

Are you thinking about becoming a Renter by Choice? Contact us for a tour to find out what renting can do for you!

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