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Maximize Storage Space in your Harrisonburg Apartment

Creative Ways to Maximize Apartment Storage Space

No matter how big your home may be, it seems like we always need more storage space. Where do you put all your favorite kitchen gadgets? How do you hide the daily clutter that you can’t quite throw away? There are simple answers to most of these questions. All you need is a little creativity (and maybe a few more shelves)…

Baskets can be your best friend when it comes to storing home accessories. Try sliding a few baskets under your coffee tables and fill them with magazines, blankets for cozy evenings, and even socks and slippers to keep your feet toasty. Baskets work well in an entryway, too, providing a place to put your shoes when you come home. Save space in your dresser drawers by using plastic baskets on closet shelves to organize smaller clothing items like socks and underwear.

Store extra books, decorations you just can’t give up, and extra lighting by using shelves to store things “up” in instead of “out”. Install vertical shelves on a wall of your closet to hold purses, shoes, and other accessories. Try placing a shelving unit over your toilet to make extra room for toiletries and bath products. Some shelves feature built-in lighting, allowing you to eliminate extra lamps and make more room for your favorite books.

Apartment Storage IdeasThe kitchen and the entryway often get cluttered easily, and both of these areas can benefit from some thoughtfully placed hooks. Add a few storage spaces for things that are easy to hang like coats or pots by installing a curtain rod and placing some hooks on it. You can add more hooks as you need them, and slide the hooks from side to side to create more or less space for certain items. You can also use hooks in your bedroom and bathroom for hanging extra towels or outfits.

Don’t forget to make use of the space under your bed! Use Tupperware or baskets to store rarely used items like holiday décor. Keep your guest sheets and towels under the guest bed to keep things neat, tidy, and organized. You can also keep larger items like folding tables and ironing boards under the bed and out of the way.

Use a little creativity to find more storage space in your apartment so that you don’t have to throw away your favorite things!

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