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Apartments in Harrisonburg, Virginia

Reasons to Live in “The Burg”: Why We Love Living in Harrisonburg

Harrisonburg residents know that they live in a very special city, a place that is chic and modern while still retaining its old-fashioned, small-town charm – the perfect place to live, raise a family, and eventually retire. Locals say that “Harrisonburg will be the last place you move to, because you will never want to leave.” And there are so many reasons why we love living in Harrisonburg:

An Oasis with Options

Harrisonburg lies in the heart of the gorgeous Shenandoah Valley, offering spectacular views of the surrounding mountains – The Blue Ridge to the east, contributing to picturesque sunrises, and the Allegheny Mountains to the west, providing the outstanding sunsets we enjoy every evening.

Living in Harrisonburg VaThe surrounding mountains inspire an active lifestyle, with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the fresh air and the countryside. Numerous walking trails, public parks, and access nearby to the Appalachian Trail make Harrisonburg a haven for hiking, biking and walking.

For those who like to shop and appreciate access to a wide range of options, there are myriad choices to augment Harrisonburg’s many offerings not far away: Charlottesville and the Historic Downtown Mall just 45 minutes away, the bustling town of Winchester a mere hour’s drive north, and Richmond, Roanoke, and Washington DC all just 2 hours away.

Harrisonburg Living

A Season for Everything

The weather outside your Harrisonburg apartment mimics the classic small-town sensibilities of the city, providing 4 distinct seasons, each with its own magic. Fall is a cool, crisp riot of leaf color strewn across the campus trails of James Madison University as you walk to a football game. Winter is short with just enough snow to make the holidays feel special and allow you to ski at Massanutten, melting early to erupt in golden waves of daffodils spread like sunshine across the rolling green hills each Spring. Summer in Harrisonburg will bring back memories of childhood lemonade stands and porch swings as the summer sun turns the mountains and fields into oceans of green.

A Place to Start a Legacy

JMU in HarrisonburgHarrisonburg offers small town experience while also providing amenities that make it possible for nearly anyone to successfully relocate to the city. Many Harrisonburg apartment residents are students from James Madison University who fell in love with the town during school and stayed after graduation. Low unemployment and a plethora of nearby corporations and job opportunities make the city a great place to start or continue a career.

Education is the central focus of Harrisonburg, and the small-town feel of the city makes raising kids here a joy. And there are so many things to do with kids in Harrisonburg – educational activities, museums and historic sites, nearby mountains and caverns to explore, a wide variety of craft opportunities, and so much more! An ever-changing schedule of events that appeal to both parents and children are always being planned as well.

Events in HarrisonburgAccess to good hospitals and seniors centers make Harrisonburg a favorite place for retirees and active seniors, too. Many Harrisonburg apartment residents moved to the area for the senior friendly local environment and the nostalgic charm of the city.

A Small Town with Big Culture

The friendly, small-town atmosphere of Harrisonburg cleverly disguises what locals know: this is a chic, urban town with great dining, unique and eclectic shopping, music, the arts, sports, and so much more.

The Harrisonburg dining scene is truly a collection of the best food around. Local offerings include new, trendy cafes and bistros, down-home favorites, an impressive menu of high-end gourmet restaurants, and a surprising variety of unique and delicious experiences. Outstanding specialty grocery stores and the local farmers’ market keep you connected to Harrisonburg’s surrounding agriculture.

3 Notch in Harrisonburg, VARecently Harrisonburg has begun to cultivate a rich and varied craft beer culture as well. Not only can you find great beer in nearly every restaurant you enter, but the city offers great breweries, including renowned companies like Brother’s Craft Brewing and Pale Fire Brewing Company. Three Notch’d Brewing Company not only offers outstanding brews, they also play an active role in helping to educate the community about craft and how to improve their own home brews.

Harrisonburg, Virginia is a charming and vibrant city that offers a wealth of amenities and attractions for residents. Whether you’re a student, young professional, or family, there’s something for everyone here. From the city’s rich history and culture to its natural beauty and outdoor activities, Harrisonburg truly has it all. And if you’re looking for luxury apartments in Harrisonburg, Virginia, the Reserve at Stone Port is the perfect choice. With its spacious and modern living spaces, resort-style amenities, and convenient location, the Reserve at Stone Port is the ultimate destination for comfortable and luxurious living in this wonderful city.

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